How to fix the random 'desync' when using the Lumenier LUX fc.

Long story short: Soft mount the board. Whether you use thick double sided tape. The rubber o-rings that come with your board. Or just loosening up the nuts that have the board mounted solidly. In this video I go over the various ways to correct the issue as well as showing the issue is in fact there. Lumenier LUX FC : Like and subscribe :) Thanks for watching. HQProps

50% discount for FPV Freerider Recharged...

...If you already purchased FPV Freerider. This is only good for this week, ends on April 22nd 2016 Seems many are confused how to get their discount. Hope this helps some people.

Lumenier QAV-R Complete Build and Overview

This is just a quick build of my first sponsored quad. I get a lot of questions about how I do various aspects of my builds so I hope this answers most of those questions. If I miss anything feel free to call me out on it. Winter decided to pay us another visit so hopefully I'll be able to get out and get a maiden flight in the next few days! Don't forget to like and subscribe so they don't run me off before the new smell wears off this quad! :) Thanks to Lumenier,, HQProps and FlyingLemon! Lumenier QAV-R ( ) Lumenier RX2206-11 2350kv ( ) Lumenier LUX Flight Controller ( ) Lumenier 30A BLHeli ESC ( ) Lumenier TX5GPro Mini 200Mw VTX ( ) Lumenier CM-650 Mini Camera ( ) Lumenier 1300mAh 4s 60c Lipo Battery ( ) FrSky X4R-SB ( ) TBS Triumph 5.8GHz Antenna ( ) Lemoncore Pro PDB ( ) Rest of my social media can be located at

DIY 2S 3000mah Li-Ion battery upgrade for Fat Shark goggles

All parts were bought on Amazon. I got enough for 3 batteries for $41. I'm sure you can get it cheaper especially if you have things laying around. These batteries are approximately 1gram more than the Fat Shark 1800mah batteries! 18650 3.7v 3000mah batteries : 2S Balance lead : What I used for barrel connectors: Heat shrink I used: Support those that support me:

FPV AlienWii Carbon Micro-H Overvew

Overview of my most recent build. Micro Quadcopter fpv. Carbon Micro-H AlienWii FC CL-0820-17 Motors 5.8ghz 200mw transmitter 1.5g 520tvl camera 5.8ghz CL antenna Walkera ladybird props 3.3v stepup/stepdown DIY LC filter

Overview of my QAV210 build

This is my cleanest and best looking build to date. In this video I go over how I chose to do things. Like and Subscribe! In the video I said baseflight. I meant to say that I run betaflight on the naze. Imgur album with closeup pictures : QAV210 ( ) Naze32 rev6 ( ) MRM Zeus 20A ( ) Cobra 2204/2300kv ( ) OSDoge ( ) Brotronics Uberdistro PDB ( ) Foxeer TM200 200mw 40ch VTX ( ) Foxeer 600tvl CCD Cam ( ) DAL 5045 V2 ( ) QAV210 GoPro Mount ( )

DIY Diversity for Fatshark Dominator V2 goggles build video

Build video explaining how to put diversity in Dominator V2 goggles. Information links: RCGroups Thread: Where to get the diversity PCB's printed: Bruce's (RCModelReviews) DIY Diversity videos (part 1): His DIY build video: Laforge FPV Module: FlyingLemon 5.8ghz 40ch Video Receivers: Thank you to everyone that has had a hand in this project. Without all of the information out there I would have never known how to even attempt this. Parts List: 2x LEDs (color doesnt matter) 2x 330Ohm resisters 2x 4.7kOhm resisters 2x 47kOhm resisters 1x 1m resister 2x 0.1UF capacitors 1x 4066N chip 1x LM324N chip When I ordered the parts I ordered from ebay and changed the search to North America only in order to not have to wait on shipping from China. Thanks for watching! #platinumhobbies #letsrace #letsracehobby #tbonefpv #dominatordiversity